Melissa Brocato, Director -- Center for Academic Success

Melissa Brocato

Center for Academic Success

Many Learning Center professionals come from either education or counseling backgrounds. These professions tend to be very interested in the success of students and in how people learn. I started out as a high school teacher, but really missed the higher education environment.  I was lucky enough to be hired on at the Center for Academic Success (CAS), and over the past 12 years have learned through experience the mission of learning centers and how they function to serve students.  I LOVE my job because I love seeing students succeed.


My advice for students considering going into student affairs/higher education is to try to experience different jobs through internships so you can discover what you like doing best.  Also, find a mentor whom you respect to help guide you. There are so many wonderful areas in student affairs and higher education.  In our area, we are fortunate to work with students to develop learning strategies and provide the academic support needed to help students become academically successful.  Good luck!