Missy Korduner, Assistant Director -- First Year Experience

Missy Korduner

Assistant Director
First Year Experience

I was really active as an undergraduate in extracurricular activities – Greek Life, Pep Band/Marching Band, Student Government, etc.  I also worked for the president of my alma mater as a student worker, so interacted a lot with the upper administration, including student affairs administrators at the university.  I absolutely loved my extracurricular experience, the leadership opportunities it provided, and the ability to have an impact on the university and student body as a whole, but don’t think I really seriously thought about doing student affairs as a career until later.  My undergraduate program was in music education, but I decided in my second semester of my senior year that I really wasn’t interested in teaching music.  I dropped my education degree and focused just on my music degree, but knew I had to do something else.  Student affairs was really all I knew outside of my music program and the graduate program at my alma mater didn’t require GREs at the time.  So, since I decided so last minute to attend graduate school, didn’t have time to research other programs or take the GREs, and knew I enjoyed the college environment and out of the classroom experiences, I decided to go to grad school for student affairs.   In a sense, I kind of “fell” in to the profession.


But, my advice for those considering going into the field is to get involved as an undergraduate in different organizations, activities, etc.  and take advantage of the opportunities provided for you outside the classroom.  Find a graduate program at a school different from your undergraduate institution to get a different perspective in the field, something I didn’t do but wish I did.  Participate in a program that offers assistantships or a practicum to get hands on experience while you’re in school – this helps you learn about different aspects of student affairs and determine where your interest lies in the field.  Get involved in a professional association early – it helps you gain experience and network, network, network – which will be really helpful when you are searching for your first professional job.